Water Filtration


Palm Beach counties premier water filtration and water softener supplier. We have been in business for over 25 years, family owned and operated with only one thing in mind, providing you and your family  healthy drinking water. We specialize in water conditioning and only water conditioning. We carry all brands of water softener and filtration systems and have the technicians and expertise to provide you with the best quality water your family deserves.


Water Testing: What kind of water is in your family’s home? The water you have can affect your health and also the longevity of the pipes in your home. Suburban Water Filtration has been offering water conditioning solutions for families like yours for over 48 years. Conditioned water tastes better, results in cleaner laundry and dishes and rinses off easier when bathing. Our certified water specialists would be happy to perform a free water analysis for your home! Learn more about water testing today.

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